Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9: Meryl Streep

Steps: 12,007

Activity: Hike with dogs (short loop).

A day where I was up at 5 and was charting for work soon thereafter. Took the dogs for a hike on the short loop and went to Paradise to do laundry. Saw patients all afternoon. Back home to dinner with Kylie and the news of the day with Rachel.

The news of the day? Meryl Streep at the awards last night took Trump to task for mocking a disabled newspaper reporter. Trump, never one to rise above anything, denied through the anorexic KellyAnn Conway, that he was mocking the reporter. And then Trump tweeted about Meryl Streep's lack of acting abilities. Really Donald? Grow up.

Must we endure 4 years of this?

Book: Jim Harrison's The Raw and the Cooked. The way Jim Harrison writes about life, cooking, sex, etc.----you soon see why he passed away at a relatively young age. However, his food writing is entertaining, and so is the character that Harrison creates of himself through out this collection of food essays. Harrison is rowdy, refined, a drunk, a sex fiend, a thinker, and a deeply passionate man. I like people like that.

My favorite line: "How easily we forget that the life overexamined is also not worth living." I agree.

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