Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 30 and 31: Dry Socket...

A work Christmas Party in 1995. Good friends.
January 30 Steps:11,686
January 31 Steps   6,276

Spent the day on Monday charting and visiting just one client. Today, off to Corning, and then a visit with a client. However, the pain from my tooth that was extracted became unbearable. It felt like someone was hammering a nail into the jaw where my tooth had been. A trip to my dentist and a diagnosis of "dry socket". I was given a decent topical anesthetic paste to put on the affected area. I am told that the "dry socket" pain can last for two weeks while the area heals.

I sure hope it isn't two weeks.

And in Trumplandia? A Supreme Court appointee tonight to replace Scalia. My Congressman came out quickly with a  statement in support of the new nominee. Doug LaMalfa is proud that Trump picked a person who will follow the Constitution. This is what I wrote to Doug:

"You guys didn't follow the Constitution when you refused to even have hearings on Obama's pick. I am hoping that the Dems will find a way to reciprocate for your party's obstruction of the Constitution"


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