Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22: Bees Wax in the Kitchen

The cement counter before the Bees Wax.
Steps: 11,915

Activity: Hike with dogs; Beeswaxed counter; general pick up on property.

Weight: Unmentionable.

Book: Half Earth (interminable)

I'm pretty sure that if I didn't have to work, I would be thin, the house would be done, the property would be awesome; I'd go to bed tired every night from exertion; I'd have hiked most everywhere; I'd be reading more, better educated, smarter; I'd be writing more, taking chances, having fun.

But I have to work.

Still this was a very productive weekend. I am happy. Yes, only dogs for companions, but they are good company and like to do things with me. They also don't complain that my handiwork is sloppy.

Today I managed to get most of the concrete counter covered with Beeswax. In order to have the counter be "Food Safe" one thing you can do is cover it with melted Beeswax. However, there are no videos that I could find on You Tube as to how to do such a thing. So I winged it (like many things I do in my life). You do have to be careful when melting the Beeswax, because if the temperature goes over 170, the wax can ignite. Instructions on how to melt Beeswax mentioned explosions and gas lines compromised and the like.

So I stood over the melting process and used a thermometer. When the temperature hit 155, I'd spread that wax. I didn't quite have enough wax to finish the project; I'll do that next weekend or maybe during the evening after work.

After the Bees Wax.

Another view.

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