Thursday, January 26, 2017

January 25 and 26: These Sorts of Days I Need to Change...

This is the airport in Poland where extraordinary rendition prisoners were sent to be tortured in a nearby secret prison.

January 25. Steps: 6,337
January 26. Steps: 3,743

Activity: Absolutely None.

Book: Half-Earth..

I have way too many days like the past two days. Early morning appointments kept me from walking the dogs. A tight schedule kept me from getting any exercise. And I got home after dark both days. These are the sorts of days that leave me feeling totally unfulfilled and frightened for my health from lack of exercise. Leaving before 7 in the morning and getting home at 7 at night does not make me happy. And on top of that? I haven't charted a word of any of my visits.

The dogs don't like it much either, as they haven't had a good run for two days.

Perhaps when the days get longer I will be able to take the dogs out for a walk when I get home late. These short winter days where work takes up most of the lit portion, deeply disturb my sense of well-being.

And then there is Trump. Acting like an Emperor. Racist. He wants to bring back torture and "Black Sites" (prisons in other countries where torture was conducted by the CIA. Even the good things he talks about, like bringing back Tariffs, although he calls them taxes (and since when did the word "Tax" become more popular than the word "Tariff"?), he couches it by hatred of Mexico rather than placing the blame squarely on the immoral CEO's who make such decisions, and the politicians that made it possible.

I have no problem with Ford and GM building a factory in Mexico; just let them sell their product there.

Tomorrow I have an easy day. Finally, I will get a walk in with the dogs. But I also will say goodbye to my Tooth #18. My 12 year old Molar put up a good fight for 44 years. But alas, she is cracked beyond repair and needs to be yanked. However, for not having gone to a dentist for 30 plus years-- losing 2 teeth, having one cavity, one root canal and three crowns really isn't that bad. At least I still have teeth---and the ones I have left should carry me to the grave.

Why no dental checkups? Because all my fillings were done sans Novocain back in the medieval period. There were 2 dentists in the town where I grew up. One used pain killing Novocain; one didn't. The one that didn't was quite a bit cheaper than the one that did. Guess which one my parents sent me to? Trump's recent decision to investigate using torture again pales next to that decision to send a 10 year old kid to have fillings done by a dentist who didn't use Novocain.

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