Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 15, 16,17: AllanStock.

Some unknown mushrooms from a hike on Sunday. Wish I knew if they were edible.


January 15: 12,352
January 16:   5,381
January 17:   5,777

Weight: Unknown (been out of town).

Activity:  Lots of work on the house on January 15 (Sunday), in the glorious sun. Jan 16 and 17 were work days where I didn't get a chance to do much. Took Kylie and her boyfriend out to dinner at Sierra Nevada and we did the whole thing the way it should be done: appetizers, steaks, and a couple of desserts. Fun.

Book: Half Earth by Edward Wilson (keep falling asleep)

While working on getting stuff cleaned up and organized on the house on Sunday, I suddenly had the urge to try and get this project finished. So I made a goal: I will have this house finished (although is it ever really finished?) by June 24, 2018. I bought the house in 2007, and we moved up here in June of 2008. 2018 will be the 10th Anniversary of living here for me.

This sounds like the perfect way to avoid hearing, seeing, reading, knowing anything about Trump's New America.

So the goal is to have a party when it is finished. Invite all my old friends to spend a week up here on the property camping out and having a good time. Call it "AllanStock". 

But I am busy, so off to bed I go. Three more days until Trump takes over.

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