Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January 24: The Greens and Trump

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Awake early in my motel room, I peruse the news only to find that Trump is starting to act like an Emperor. I quickly wrote in Facebook:

"For the starry eyed Greens who think there is no difference between the parties: We now have a Secretary of State that was the CEO of Exxon and Trump is signing an executive order today giving permission for both the Keystone Pipeline and the Standing Rock Dakota Access pipeline to be built. How do you feel about that Jill Stein vote now?"

Pamm Larry, who pretty much founded the Anti-GMO movement in California.

This generated a bit of bickering amongst my Leftist friends. One response stood out. Pamm Larry is a local hero. She started the California Petition drive to label GMO foods. She's a great human being, but tends towards Crackpot Granolaism in other ventures. She is against vaccines. Against SB277. And she was/is a Jill Stein supporter. She wrote back regarding her support of Jill Stein:

"Pretty happy, actually, thanks for asking. And yes, I see them as still the same, just one is overt the other covert, different faces and issues. At least now more people are awake and acting. None of this marching and conversation would be going on in the fog of progressives thinking everything was ok, going back to sleep because they think everything is "covered.". There were plenty of other pipelines Obama advanced and did nothing about. That's on the record. I blame the dem party for Trump. How can they offer up such an unelectable candidate then not do Basic Campaigning 101? Bernie supporters begged the party to work for her in MI, WI and PA and the party ignored them and were ignored. And I'm not getting into it with you, Alan, because like so many progressives I run into, I experience your "discourse" blamey (this post is an example of that) rude and condescending, not productive. I say this in the hopes that it shifts so we can all unite to get the work done of the havoc he will reap on the planet. Peace out. "

To which I replied:

"Hogwash. To equate Trump with Clinton is lunacy. I'm all for issue driven, interest group politics---and I appreciate your efforts to label GMO foods, but the ONLY vehicle for real change is the Democratic Party. Hell, Petra Kelly told me as much back in 1983 when I asked her if we would ever have a Green Party arise in the US. She just laughed and said: "You'll be lucky to avoid Fascism". Well, guess what? She was right. Trump is an unstable, narcissistic, mentally ill man whose small hands and authoritarian world-view are now firmly attached to the Nuclear Codes. That scares the shit out of me. Why that didn't scare you during the campaign leaves me totally bewildered."

This Trump Era is off to an awful start.

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