Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23: Snowflakes...

Steps: 12,220

Activity: Walk with the dogs

Book: "Half Earth"

Took the dogs on a walk on a cold, cold morning. Up early, I watched the sunrise and had the dogs out by 7:30. There was snow on the hills. Worked all day, seeing clients in Oroville, Orland and Corning and driving around 150 miles. As is my custom, I spend most Monday nights in a Super 8 in Corning as I have an early meeting on Tuesday and, getting old, I just don't see it being wise to push myself too hard by getting up before dawn to drive 62 miles.

I am getting kind of sick of being called a "Snowflake". I happened to hear Hannity use the word today. I've heard the always awful Tomi Lahren use it. Engage in any forum on the Internet and somebody will think they are oh-so-clever and will fling the word at you. It is the political equivalent of being called "pumpkin". Demeaning as hell. So who coined this term? And what's the reason for its popularity on the other side of the aisle?

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